Brooke Burns To Host GSN’s “The Chase”

Well, it looks like the stage is set for GSN’s The Chase as former Dog Eat Dog host and You Deserve It co-host Brooke Burns will be the host of the upcoming GSN
series “The Chase”. The network announced in April that Mark Labbett, U.K. quiz show superstar and one of the four
Chasers for ITV’s The Chase, will be
“the Chaser” hunting down the contestants in the upcoming GSN U.K. import
series. Burns will also be the host of another GSN dating series call What Have You Been All My Life. According to Deadline,
NBC Sports sportscaster Dan Patrick was the leading candidate for the hosting
job before negotiations fell through at the last minute. No news on the show’s
official premiere airdate, but I will make sure to keep you informed.

The Chase is one
of the multiple new shows GSN is planning to add to the network’s lineup of original programming. The
It Takes A Church, a dating
show where a church goes on a mission to find love for one lucky, single member
of their church without them knowing about the plan and
Mind of A Man, a game of ESP where female contestants attempt to predict
what men really think about dating, marriage, working and more for up to
$15,000. I’m very surprised by two observations concerning the U.S. adaptation
The Chase: Brooke Burns as host
and not choosing a
Jeopardy “super-champion”
as a Chaser. As good of a job as Burns did on
Dog Eat Dog, I don’t see her as a strong trivia-game show host,
like Davina McCall or Bradley Walsh, especially for a show as intense as
The Chase. I’m also surprised that the
show didn’t opt to choose Ken Jennings or Brad Rutter as the Chasers. They both
have great personalities for the show and have proven to be formidable
opponents in the shows they have competed on. Ben Stein would have been a great
option as well, considering that he was the resident genius on perhaps Comedy
Central’s most–successful game show
Win Ben
Stein’s Money
. I don’t know about you, but I’m still looking forward to the eight episodes to come in the
first season of
The Chase on GSN. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out an episode of ITV’s The Chase in the clip below.
Sources: Deadline Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter

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